winter solstice shine magazineAt 5.11pm yesterday we entered the Winter Solstice – symbolically, it’s a time of letting go of the past year as we ‘lay it to sleep’ and start preparing for the year ahead.

The days and even weeks in the build-up to the Winter Solstice can bring up a lot of dark and difficult emotions and memories. While we live in a high tech, modern, 21st century world; as humans we are still very much dictated by the planets, nature and energies that are beyond the control of science. I’m not suggesting you dance around your Christmas tree naked and embrace your inner hippy (feel free though!) but do stay open to the fact that the seasons have a powerful effect on all of us – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Don’t fight this darkness of the soul. Yes, it is raw and painful – perhaps energy draining. But it arises to awaken us. Don’t be surprised to find yourself feeling low, depressed even and tearful – it is all part of the ‘shedding of the leaves’ of the last year; with all its highs and lows.

It WILL pass and if you really allow it to rise… expect to feel surprisingly refreshed in the coming weeks. It’s truly a time of rebirth – thus all the religious festivals at this time year.

joySo, have you made your ‘solstice intentions’ yet? Why wait till Jan 1 to design your life for the following year?

Yes, it was the darkest and shortest day yesterday but the good news is that the days will gradually get longer from here until the summer solstice on June 21st 2014!

Be sure to get outside and absorb some natural daylight during these dark days though – just 20-30 mins is the natural Vitamin D boost you need to lift your spirits, balance your cravings for carbs and improve your sleep…
Happy Winter Solstice… keep shining!

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