As many readers know, I have a strong preference for recommending workshops, courses or events that I or one of our team of writers has actually experienced and can talk about first-hand. It’s vital that if Shine! magazine is suggesting self-development events that I really know it will be of benefit to you. And while it’s not always possible, I also prefer to actually know (and thus trust and respect) the organiser/facilitator.

So, it’s with great pleasure that I am more than happy to highlight a truly life-changing and healing weekend with the wonderful Nancy Swisher, who will be back in the UK later this summer – 21-22 September, 2013.

Step Out of the Past … Move Forward Joy – A Weekend of Inner Bonding® and Conscious Evolution

nancy 2As well as a healer, intuitive and writer/artist, Nancy is a fully-qualified Inner Bonding facilitator. If you haven’t come across this school of self-healing then I would suggest you check it out – click here. It is amazingly transformative and I have seen myself how it has helped so many people who are “stuck” with old emotional bagage and energy.

This September’s workshop looks fascinating – it is more of a Nancy Swisher workshop – so attendees get the benefit of Nancy’s unique teaching style (she’s great!) and her various skills in bringing about change. However, it still has the principles of the Inner Bonding process at the core – a kind of best of both worlds workshop.

It would be an ideal weekend of change and transformation for anyone who has worked with Nancy before (or Inner Bonding) or who has at least become committed to change and healing (and learned about the IB – Inner Bonding process).

My own Inner Bonding experience

It was through the Inner Bonding’s website that I learned that Nancy Swisher was doing a weekend workshop in the UK last year. I have studied, researched and written about countless different forms of inner-healing work and practices over the years but Inner Bonding is most definitely one of the most powerful processes I have come across. However, while I lot of work can be done on your own, nothing beats working with an experienced facilitator like Nancy. Plus, she’s a fabulous lady – funny, warm and amazingly open-hearted to everyone’s life stories.

I entered Nancy’s workshop classroom (it is held at the brilliantly located Regents College in central London) with some trepidation. The night before I had not slept well – often a sign for deep-sleeper me that a change in energy is about to take place… or that ‘something’s up’…

I was soon put at ease and, as is often the case with deep, emotional work, each member of our group began to drop their masks and surrender to the process and share (only where it felt safe – there is NO pressure) their past ‘blocks’ with either Nancy or with each other.

Nancy’s cute bunny toys quickly become the focus of some incredible transformation as we learn the Inner Bonding process of self-nurturing and ultimately, listening to our inner child/baby/self in a totally supportive environment to unlock old pain, memories and issues.

What is Inner Bonding®?

(From the Inner Bonding website – INNER BONDING a 6-step spiritually based therapeutic modality that heals shame, and the resulting self-abandonment, that is often the root cause of anxiety, stress, depression, low self-esteem, addictions, and relationship problems. INNER BONDING creates profound connections with Self, Spirit, and others that heals emptiness and aloneness, and unleashing creativity, imagination, passion and purpose, love and joy!

The practice of INNER BONDING is about learning to love yourself and share your love with others.

INNER BONDING transforms your life, creating emotional freedom, by teaching you to:

Recognize your true worth
Discover your passion and purpose in life
Take loving care of your heart, mind, body, and spirit
Take responsibility for your own feelings of pain and joy, safety and worth
Create deeply satisfying and enduring love relationships

Powerful change – nothing was ever the same again for me…

This workshop is powerful. After the first day (Saturday) I was wiped out and a little drained to be honest. I had been challenged in new ways about how I ‘parent myself’ and it does bring up a lot of emotions and memories. Day two is lighter but more skills focused and we all learned to put into practice what we had studied the day before.

A one-to-one with Nancy?
I liked Nancy – she doesn’t do the hard sell that a lot of speakers and facilitators do and leaves it with you to decide if you’d like to meet her for a personal session or to book a block of online/Skype sessions at a discount. I opted for a single face-to-face session while she was still in London and phew, it was surreal!

For me, despite all the work I’ve done on myself over the years, this was a ‘turning point’ moment in my life. As Nancy said to me afterwards, we did some “very deep work there Collette” and the good news is that it only happened because I was finally ready. Yes, I was a little shaken afterwards and a bit dazed (Nancy puts you into a relaxed state at the start of the session). But on returning home to Manchester and in the days following, I noticed a change in me – a LOT of old, negative energy had gone. It was emotional. It was needed!

It is about 10 months since I did Nancy’s workshop and I have to state this – my life is in a flow that I have not known before and I continue to honour my relationship with myself (my inner bond) each and everyday – it is a discipline that gets easier. It is not without its stumbles and challenges however… but I can hand on heart recommend this workshop.

Tips for those attending a Nancy Swisher/Inner Bonding workshop in London

* I would suggest you take really good care of yourself (something new to some of us on this weekend of transformation) while undertaking the workshop and afterwards.
* Give yourself plenty of time to arrive – no rushing or stressing out with public transport if you can help it.
* If you don’t live in London, find somewhere comfortable to stay overnight that is not too far from the college.
* Drink lots of water, eat hearty, healthy meals and snacks (there’s a great canteen at the college) and go and walk in the beautiful grounds of the park (Regents Park) at every opportunity. The fresh air, nature and just the chance to recharge yourself is essential.
* Don’t make plans for the Saturday evening that will be too stimulating – food and a bath was the best I could manage. Trust me, a shift is taking place and you just need to go along with it and get some rest.
* On completing the workshop allow yourself a few days to process the experience if you can. Sleep, reflect on your notes and if you can organise a one-to-one with Nancy while she is in town, it’s worth it (or a Skype consultation is effective too).

To book and more info go to:

To learn more about Nancy Swisher – click here
Nancy is offering one-to-one sessions 23-25 September – these sessions get booked quickly – email her at

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