virgo moonA new moon on Monday…We’ve just entered a new moon… and on a Monday too (Moon day) – this moon is in Virgo – so expect lots of tidying up and organising going on. But in typical Virgo style, this will be selective so don’t try to do everything at once – pick 3 areas of your life (diet, work, home etc) and choose one aspect of each that you want to set a new moon intention for. The ancients had a process for this and here’s a modern take on it…

Process: to really manifest these good changes, find some quiet time/space, write down your intentions on a sheet of paper and spend 10/15 mins visualising them.
It may sound quirky, but fold the paper really small and plant it under the new moon tonight anywhere convenient (your garden, a plant pot, a hanging basket..)… you’ve planted the seed of change for the month ahead… what will it reap??

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