It is ski season and with the Winter Olympics underway, we have been going ski crazy here at Shine!… already this year we have visited Chamonix and Les Saisies in the Alps. However, we are keen to stress none of us on the team are experts and so we were delighted to be give the following beginner’s ski tips from CARV, a British company which develops wearable technology for skiing.

What are the top 4 things a skier doesn’t know they are doing wrong?

When you’re skiing, you want to feel the sense of freedom of taking over the slopes. While enjoying the winter wonderland around you though, keep in mind the following:


Balance is key to skiing. Without it, you cannot achieve the correct edging technique. Most often, skiers tend to lean too far back. A key tip is to have weight distributed at the front and an even weight across both feet.


One of the most important skills in skiing is proper edging. This refers to the tilting of the skis at a low edge angle to the slope while turning. A mistake can be made when skiers don’t tilt their skis together symmetrically, often referred to as ‘A-framing’.


Rotary movements relate to changing the direction of your skis. Combining rotary movements along with balance, edging and pressure allows you to change directions more efficiently. Not keeping your skis parallel is a mistake many skiers make, and is a key way to differentiate between an advanced and novice skier.


The skill of pressure control is sometimes described as one of the harder skills to tackle while skiing. The amount of pressure that is applied to the skis, and where you place it in the turn, allows you to control your turning and edging. It is key to get the amount and distribution of pressure correct, so be sure to not put too much pressure on the inside ski.

About Carv: Carv is a British company which develops wearable technology for skiing. It was created by Physics, PhD and Engineering students from Oxford, Cambridge and the University of Imperial College London, who have been analysing data from skiers all around the world for the last three years, including: UK #1 Dave Ryding, ski cross world champion and red bull athlete Filip Flisar, 11x ski World Champion and Olympian Jeremy Bloom and the US Demo Team Head Skier, Michael Rogan.





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