We LOVED Suranne Jones in ITV series, Dr Foster. Not only is she one of the UK’s leading female acting talents, she is also a firm supporter of the charity, Alzheimer’s Society. She’s a true ‘woman who shines’ in our eyes!

Here, Suranne, from Manchester, speaks about why she is supporting the charity’s Cupcake Day on 10 June.

Why are you supporting Alzheimer’s Society’s Cupcake Day?
“I’m supporting Cupcake Day because I have a special connection to Alzheimer’s Society. I want to raise awareness about this terrible condition and money to aid research into it. Dementia affects as many as 850,000 people in the UK.

Suranne Jones and Sally Lindsay display cupcakes on sale at Surannes Cupcake Day party“I try to help support Alzheimer’s Society every year. So far I’ve climbed a mountain, walked round a castle and this year I’m baking cakes for them, which has to be the best challenge yet! Especially eating them and of course selling them. If I raise £20 I know I can support someone with dementia and enable them to visit a dementia cafe for a month. The dementia cafe is a place where people can go to share their experiences and connect with people who understand what they’re going through and I think that’s so important.

Why do you think it’s so important that everyone gets involved in Alzheimer’s Society’s Cupcake Day?
“Dementia affects not only the person with the condition, but their family, friends and loved ones too. Baking cupcakes is a way to join people together, get messy in the kitchen with your nearest and dearest and hold a cupcake sale with people at work or in your street and remember how important being close with your loved ones and the community is.

What will you be doing on Alzheimer’s Society’s Cupcake Day?

“On Cupcake Day itself, me and my husband and son will be traveling north to spend a weekend with my family for my nephew’s communion celebrations…so I’ll have to take my cakes with me!

“I plan to hold a cupcake afternoon with my antenatal group so maybe our cakes will be mummy and baby themed…. As long as there’s chocolate somewhere I’m happy! There’s something for everyone too as I’ve found sugar free and gluten free recipes. I’ve been sent some lovely vegan cupcakes by Lola’s Cupcakes, who are also supporting the campaign. So there are no excuses! Everyone can get involved. My Cupcake Day pack includes a competition where you have to guess the amount of sprinkles on a poster so I’ll be asking the mummy’s at my Cupcake Day party to take a guess. Whoever gets the closest will win a great prize donated by Marie Louise Maternity.

What would your ultimate dream cupcake be?

“If I could make a cupcake that tasted like banoffee pie – that would be pretty delicious.”

You’ve played the daughter of a woman recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in ‘Five Days’. Did this change your perception of the condition and if so in what way?
l think it’s important that we keep showing characters and the effects of the disease through drama.

Can you tell us about what exciting plans you have in the pipeline?
“I’ll be taking the summer off to be with my family and then I’ll be working on Dr Foster series two until Christmas…plenty of time to eat cupcakes before I start filming!”

What was it like winning a BAFTA award?

“The night of the awards was the ‘first date’ night my husband and I have had since the birth of our son and we were both pretty exhausted. It was just amazing winning it. I remember being so tired but I was determined to stay the full evening so that I could have all courses of the meal they gave us – I wasn’t going to miss the dessert!
“We got a cab home and were in bed my midnight, and next day it was back to normal and me being mummy again. I keep the award on my mantelpiece. I’m not one of those people who hides it away – I’m like, ‘I’ve won a BAFTA and I want everyone to see it!’ ”

What has been your career highlights to date?
“It’s hard to say – I’ve had so many fantastic experiences so far and feel lucky to have had them. I learnt so much when I was in Corrie and the show has a huge place in my heart. I met some of my best friends there – Sally [Lindsay] is now a great friend and we see lots of each other. We’ve taken part in events in aid of Alzheimer’s Society together which has been great fun. The great thing is that with every job I’ve done I’ve met brilliant people.”

You can sign up at cupcakeday.org.uk for a free Cupcake Kit and discover how to bring your own unique style to the table. Alzheimer’s Society is encouraging all bakers to share pictures of creations using #CupcakeDay on Twitter and Instagram.

Alzheimer’s Society provides a National Dementia Helpline, the number is 0300 222 11 22 or visit alzheimers.org.uk

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